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This page highlights some of the features and benefits of this product. For more complete details, please download the full prospectus and the product fact card, above.

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Planning for retirement is challenging. Regardless of the encounters you may face, you may want to achieve some fundamental goals: Protect your Income, Preserve Your Legacy, Participate in the Market.

The Accumulator® variable annuity is a long-term retirement product that allows you the ability to invest for growth potential on a tax-deferred basis. In the most basic terms, annuities are contracts between you and an insurance company to accumulate funds and then to provide lifetime payments. There are contract limitations and fees and charges associated with Accumulator®, which include, but are not limited to, operations, distribution, withdrawal and administrative expense and charges for optional benefits.

Accumulator® provides for guaranteed benefits through optional riders available for an additional fee; the Guaranteed Minimum Income Benefit (GMIB) can protect retirement income, and the Guaranteed Minimum Death Benefits (GMDB) which provide the ability to preserve the value of your death benefit for your legacy. A variety of equity portfolios allows you to participate in the market.

PROTECT  Protect your income, with predictable guaranteed payments, regardless of market turbulence.
PRESERVE Preserve your legacy by making choices that may provide a death benefit to pass along to your family and loved ones after you’re gone.
PARTICIPATE  Participate in a wide range of market opportunities that allow for growth under various market conditions.

Guarantees are based on the claims paying ability of AXA Equitable. The guarantees do not apply to the investment portfolios.

3 factors of the Accumulator variable annuity - AXA Equitable


The contingent withdrawal charge declines from 7% over a seven-year period for the Series B product. Please see the prospectus for the withdrawal charge scale for other annuities in the Accumulator® Series. Withdrawals from annuities are subject to ordinary income tax and if taken prior to age 591/2 may be subject to an additional 10% federal income tax penalty.

Amounts in your accounts invested in portfolios are subject to fluctuation in value and market risk, including loss of principal.

You should consider the charges, risks, expenses, and investment objectives carefully before purchasing a variable annuity. For a prospectus containing this and other information, please click on the link above. Read it carefully before investing or sending money.

For costs and complete details of coverage, speak to your financial professional/insurance-licensed registered representative. Certain types of contracts, features and benefits may not be available in all jurisdictions. We offer other variable annuity contracts with different fees, charges and features. Not every contract is available through the same selling broker/dealer.

Accumulator® is a registered service mark AXA Equitable Life Insurance Company, New York, NY 10104.

Accumulator® variable annuities are issued by AXA Equitable Life Insurance Company, New York, NY 10104 and are co-distributed by affiliates AXA Advisors, LLC and AXA Distributors, LLC, New York, NY 10104. Contract form #s: ICC11BASE1,  ICC11BASE2,  ICC11BASE1-G-A/B,  ICC11BASE2-G-A/B,  ICC11BASE2-B-BL (NY) and any state variations.

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GE-65463 (10/11)


Protect your retirement income, even in “down” markets.

Accumulator’s Guaranteed Minimum Income Benefit (GMIB)1, which is available for an additional fee, offers a combination of retirement income generation and flexibility:

The "Benefit Base" is used to generate a minimum income or withdrawal amount and is not a cash value. It is equal to the initial contribution and increases at a specified rate, which is called a roll-up rate, of 5%. If the contributions in your account have increased on each contract anniversary to a point higher than the benefit base through market gains, the benefit base can also be "reset" annually to equal the account value. A reset may result in increased charges and may delay the ability to exercise the GMIB. Compounded annual Deferral Bonus Roll-Up Rate on the Benefit Base while you wait to take income to Lock in Investment Gains of the Benefit Base can be withdrawn annually without decreasing the Benefit Base

Hypothetical future account value of the Accumulator variable annuity - AXA Equitable

For Illustrative Purposes Only

Flexibility- Income Your Way

You may start, change, or even stop withdrawals on your terms. For example, if you withdraw only 4% of your 5% annual withdrawal amount, the remaining 1% is credited to your Roll-Up Benefit Base.  

Accumulator variable annuity is an AXA Equitable

For Illustrative Purposes Only

Withdrawal from annuities are subject to ordinary income tax and if taken prior to age 591/2 may be subject to an additional 10% federal income tax penalty.

Excess Withdrawals will reduce the benefit base, affecting future guaranteed minimum withdrawal amount and death benefits.

Guarantees are based on AXA Equitable's claims-paying ability.

1 In New York, the GMIB I and GMIB II Roll-Up Benefit Base is capped at 475% of total contributions. If there is a reset, the cap becomes 475% of the last reset amount (plus 475% of all additional contributions made after the reset). A reset cannot lower the cap amount and the cap is not reduced by withdrawals. There is no cap on the Highest Anniversary Value Benefit Base. Minimum issue age for GMIB in New York is 35.

GE 65463 (10/11)


Preserve the legacy you will be able to leave behind to your family and loved ones.

You can select one of three death benefits that will last the life of the contract and will provide an appropriate level of protection that suits your individual needs.

Option 1:

“Greater of” Benefit*

Preserve Your Legacy in Up and Down Markets with the “Greater of” Death Benefit (Available for an additional fee)

  • - Your beneficiaries will enjoy a legacy that will have the same value and protections as your GMIB benefit. (See "Protect" tab.)
  • - Your beneficiaries' death benefit is calculated from the higher of two Benefit Bases, either the "Roll-Up Benefit Base" or the "Highest Anniversary Value Benefit Base," until you reach age 85.
  • - You must elect the GMIB to take advantage of this option.

* The "Greater of" Death Benefit is not available in New York.

Option 2: 

Highest Anniversary Value Benefit

Preserve Your Investment Gains with the Highest Anniversary Value Death Benefit (Available for an additional fee)

  • - You can lock in investment gains each year on your contract anniversary.
  • - When this benefit is elected with the GMIB, your Benefit Base is adjusted by one dollar for each dollar you withdraw, up to the Annual Withdrawal Amount.
  • - You can elect this benefit even without electing the GMIB, although a proportionate adjustment will be made to your Benefit Base for any withdrawals you may take.

Option 3:  

Return of Principal Benefit

Preserve Your Principal with the Return of Principal Death Benefit (No additional charge)

  • - Guarantee that your beneficiaries will receive at least the return of your Accumulator® contributions, adjusted proportionately for any withdrawals you take.

For Illustrative Purposes Only

Do you want to maximize your Legacy?
By choosing to add the optional Earnings Enhancement Benefit (for an additional fee and benefit is not available in New York) to any of the three Death Benefits, you have the opportunity to add 40% on top of the earnings in your Guaranteed Minimum Death Benefit Base (25% if your age at contract issue was 71-75). "Earnings" are the amount above your net contributions. The Earnings Enhancement Benefit provides a death benefit that is based on the greater of either your account value or the Guaranteed Minimum Death Benefit you've selected, plus the Earnings Enhancements Benefit. For example, if you invested $100,000 at age 69 and your death benefit was $150,000 at death, the EEB would pay an additional $20,000 ($50,000 earnings x 40%), for a total death benefit of $170,000. (The example assumes that you did not take any withdrawals.)

Guarantees are based on AXA Equitable's claims-paying ability.

GE 65463 (10/11)


Participate in tax deferred growth opportunities that can help you overcome retirement challenges.

The choice is yours. Choose between these two options:

1. Build Your Own Custom Portfolio

  • - Create a personalized asset allocation portfolio
  • - Gain access to some of America’s most established Money Managers 

  General asset distribution for the Accumulator variable annuity - AXA Equitable 

All Money Managers may not be listed. Fixed-Income (Category 1), Asset Allocation (Category 2), Core Diversified (Category 3), Manager Select (Category 4). There are maximum allocation restrictions for certain portfolios within Categories 1 through 4. You are required to invest a minimum of 30% in Category 1. A minimum of 30% is also required to be invested in Category 2 if any amounts are invested in either Category 3 or Category 4, or both. AXA Equitable reserves the right to change the allocation guidelines and move allocation options into different investment categories under the Custom Selection option.

2. Select an already Diversified Portfolio that conveniently matches your personal investing style and risk tolerance

  • - The AXA Strategic Allocation Portfolios are well-diversified “funds of funds”, most of which are subadvised by BlackRock and tailored by AXA Equitable to fit various investment objectives and risk tolerances.

  • - The EQ/AllianceBernstein Dynamic Wealth Strategies Portfolio seeks to reduce volatility and limit downside risk, without sacrificing long-term growth.

  • - You can also allocate a portion of your account value to fixed-income choices (Guaranteed Interest Option1, EQ/Money Market Portfolio, Dollar Cost Averaging Account), subject to restrictions.

AXA Strategic Allocation Portfolios

Retirement savings risk for the Accumulator variable annuity - AXA Equitable

Amounts in your accounts invested in portfolios are subject to fluctuation in value and market risk, including loss of principal. You will incur higher costs with the portfolios than if you were to invest directly in the underlying investment portfolios. Bond investments are subject to interest rate risk so that when interest rates rise, the prices of bonds can decrease and the investor can lose principal value.

1 In New York, charges are not deducted from the Guaranteed Interest Option. The Guaranteed Interest Option is not available in series CP contracts issued in New York.

GE 65463 (10/11)

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